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I am so sorry. I apologize for humanity.

You feed. You give. Sometimes you take too. And you are like a mother to us. Without you there would be no life. Without you there would be no diversity. I wouldn't exist without you. Thank you.

I am so sorry. I apologize for all the pollution. I apologize for all the dirt. And I apologize for all the disrespect. I'm so sorry.

You give me power. You give me joy. You give me strength. But above all you give me rest. I settle down with you. Inside myself.

I learn through you. I get to know myself better. You show me what matters. Thank you.

I apologize one last time. Simply because I'm so sorry. Thank you for being. Thank you for giving.

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Julia Graeter

Mother Nature & ME

Since my bachelor's thesis on "Conception and design of a campaign to raise awareness of environmental awareness in snowboarding" in 2016, I have been working intensively on the subject of environmental awareness.

In 2018 I founded #CleanUpMunich and have organized regular CleanUps in Munich.

On my social media accounts and in real life I use my voice to rise awareness.




If you heal yourself, you heal the WORLD.