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“Did you know the brain needs 30 minutes to transition from the masculine energy to the feminine energy?!”

No matter if woman or man, we all do have both energies in us.

Feminine Energy: feeling, receiving, intuition, creativity, slow,…

Masculine Energy: thinking, organising, giving, getting stuff done, being in charge, fast,…

But if we all do have both energies, why is it so important for us women to reconnect with our feminine energy? Because this is the energy where we feel at home. Where we feel nurtured. And most important, where we recharge our energy level.

We live in a patriarchy, ruled by masculine energy. At work we have to organise, think, and be in charge. And even as a mom, what we could think is the feminine itself - but if you stay at home, taking care of your kids, you are in your masculine energy, making sure, everything works out, runs in it's daily schedule and everyone is happy. You give. 

If you keep yourself busy and don’t take at any time, some time to transition back into your home energy - the feminine energy - you shouldn’t be surprised, if …

  • You feel exhausted

  • You feel like walking on the edge of your limits all the time

  • You feel like nothing is flowing anymore

  • Life doesn't feel very sexy anymore

  • Maybe you even don’t feel like having sex or being that erotic lover or wife by yourself anymore

This has to stop!
Go inwards.

& take some time for yourself.
Reclaim your Goddess

This is an invitation for you to come back into your feminine energy. Your feminine power.
Guided by me: a women who is led by compassion, care and a deep understanding for you.

We have 30 minutes together

30 minutes for your transition from giving to receiving.
Back to the feminine goddess you are.

In those 30 minutes it is all about you! You are the Goddess!
And she deserves to be seen!

Your investment

This goddess time is for you, if...

  • your inner goddess is calling you

  • you want to feel your goddess self again

  • you know there is more to life than husteling 24/7

  • you are 100% comitted to yourself

  • you have at least 30 minutes for yourself

NZD 222,-

I want to reclaim my GODDESS

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